How to clean dog teeth without brushing


There is a lot of dog owners that ask this question, so we decided to write this article.

So before we start and as we all know, many products can help you clean your dog’s teeth without brushing them. As we said in our previous article, they are not all-natural, and some of them have calories that can damage your dog’s teeth and health, so you should be careful in choosing how to clean your dog teeth and choose the right products.

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In this article, we are going to show you paid products that are 100% natural, and we are also going to share some free ways to clean your dog teeth without brushing them.

How to clean dog teeth without brushing

First, let’s start with the free ways to clean dog teeth without brushing.

We are going to start with coconut oil since it is a product that is available and easy to use you can give your dog to drink it and clean the teeth without brushing.

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The other ways are to give your dog vegetables or fruits like apples, etc.. but it’s better to use paid products that are 100% natural and not pricy. Many websites sell natural products to clean dog teeth without brushing, but when you buy them, you find out that they are not 100% natural, and they have calories in them not only that, but they have toxic. Stuff that can make your dog sick, and as dog owners, we don’t want that to happen.

We did our research and brought you this website that sells 100% natural pet products, not only that, but the products are affordable and make your dog healthier.
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Let’s start and talk about the products that clean your dog’s teeth without brushing.

Dog Chews

As you know, not all dog chews can clean your dog teeth, but there are dog chews made specially to clean dog teeth, but again don’t forget that they should be 100% natural.

To make your dog happy, the 100% natural dog chews come with a natural flavor, so basically, there are no calories or toxic stuff that can hurt your dog’s teeth. But they clean the dog teeth and give them a sweet smell, aka fresh breath.

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that provide you with 100% natural dog chews, and they are very affordable.

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The next thing to clean your dog teeth without brushing is Bones. As we all know, dogs love bones, but not all of them come naturally, and the problem is the meat won’t help much as dog chews, and it can’t either give a fresh breath, so it’s better to stick with chews. However, if you decide to get your dog some bones, you can visit this website that also provides 100% natural bones at an affordable price.

How to clean dog teeth without brushing

The last product is dental dog wipes, and from our experience, this is the only way to clean dog teeth and have no trouble with it. Using a toothbrush can make it difficult for you and your dog, but with the 100% natural dog wipes that make your dog’s breath 100% fresh it makes it easier for you and especially if you are a busy person that works a lot and don’t have much time to clean your dog teeth without brushing.

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Again the dental dog wipes are not all-natural as we know some of them to have calories in them, so we have brought this website for you that sell 100% natural dog wipes at an affordable price. The good thing about this website is it give you good deals on pet products and the shipping is fast not only that it is free when you buy more than 1 product and as we know that you love your amazing cute dog so go to the website and shop some of the fantastic 100% natural products that will make your dog’s life more comfortable and happier.

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Thanks for reading this article and we hope that you find it very useful. We will love that if you share the article with your friends and if you know a dog owner, we are sure that it will help him also.

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