I’ve never brushed my dog’s teeth


As I said, I’ve never brushed my dog’s teeth. It may sound wrong, but I’m going to explain in this article the reason why.

I've never brushed my dog's teeth

As any dog owner knows how challenging it’s to brush your dog’s teeth, mainly if you use a toothbrush, it makes it very hard; instead, I’m using other methods that I’m going to discuss in this article.

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Some of the products we are going to talk about are free, and some are paid, but the most crucial thing if you have read one of our articles, you are going to see that we only recommend 100% natural products that have zero calories in them.

Let’s start with Dog Chews.

Dog chews are one of the fantastic products that help your dog automatically get his teeth clean without you being involved, and it can help, especially if you are a busy person.

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Note that not all dog chews are healthy and natural, plus not all of them are made to clean your dog’s teeth, so for that reason, we recommend you this site that sells 100% natural dog chews only made to clean your dog’s teeth. You can buy them from a different place, but it’s tough to know if they are natural or not, that’s why we recommend you get them from this site.

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Greenies Dental Chews Dog Treats

Greenies Dental Chews Dog Treats

The Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) has awarded its Seal of Acceptance to Greenies Dental Chews for both plaque and tartar control. The Seal of Acceptance is given only to products meeting the VOHC’s strict requirements of demonstrated efficacy in controlling plaque and/or tartar build-up.Greenies dental chews are 100% edible which means that there isn’t anything in it that your dog can’t eat and enjoy!Highly Soluble Greenies dental chews are easy to digest and highly soluble (that means that they break down easily in the digestion process). The key to solubility lies in the proteins used to make the product. Greenies use 4 high-quality, easily digested proteins as the building blocks of this chewy recipe:GelatinWheat protein isolateSoy protein isolateSodium caseinateThis protein combination gives Greenies its irresistible chewiness and is the reason why the product will break down quickly in your dog’s digestive system. In a simulated digestion test, a whole petite Greenies dental chew was reduced to absolute mush!95.7% Digestible Greenies dental chews are 95.7% digestible – that’s more than your average dry dog food (80-85%). That means that your dog’s body can easily absorb and use all those good vitamins and minerals that have been added to the formula!Breaking Up Is Easy to Do Not only does the toothbrush have more nooks and crannies to clean teeth, it also has more natural break points to help a dog naturally chew it into small, easily-digested pieces.It’s All in the Chew Last but not least, you can see how chewy the Greenies dental chew is. This chewy texture actually makes it easier for dogs to lovingly gnaw Greenies dental chews into delicious little bits that are easy to swallow and digest.Senior Greenies! AVMA Studies show that 44% of the dog population is seven years or older. Dogs over 7 are more likely to suffer tooth and gum disease. Senior Greenies are more delicate on teeth and gums and contain Glucosamine and Chondroitin to support healthy joints. They’re also fortified with antioxidants to boost and maintain a healthy immune system.

The next thing you may use to clean your dog’s teeth is bones, but we won’t recommend using it. Bones have meat in them. They can clean your dog’s teeth. Still, they can also damage them especially if you buy bones that have a lot of calories in them they are not healthy and can damage the teeth with time however if you choose to purchase bones you can use this website that provides natural ones that won’t damage your dog’s teeth. Just be ready that you may expect some bad smell is coming from your dog’s mouth so better stick with chews.

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Redbarn Naturals Ham Bone Chew for Dogs

Redbarn Naturals Ham Bone Chew for Dogs

Redbarn Naturals Ham Bones for Dogs are a completely natural chew that is slow-roasted to perfection. These chews boast exceptional flavor you don’t find with other bones and help support healthy teeth and gums. Ham bone chews are made in the USA and Canada from a single ingredient; pork femur. Due to their thin walls these chews are ideal for light chewers and small dogs.

Another fantastic product and we are sure that dogs like treats. Dog treats also can clean your dog’s teeth, not talking about normal dog treats that you buy in the stores there are natural dog treats. Specially made to clean your dog’s teeth and make them fresh, we recommend that you buy natural dog treats, don’t have calories in them, and we also recommend to buy treats that have vegetables and fruits in them, but you can also choose other flavours that your dog want.

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I've never brushed my dog's teeth

The last thing we recommend to clean your dog’s teeth is dental wipes.

Dental wipes are better than Chews or treats, and the reason for it is it’s easier to use, and it leaves a fresh smell in your dog’s mouth.

Please note that not all dental wipes are made to clean your dog’s teeth, that’s why we recommend you get them from this site.

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Earthbath Totally Natural Pet Care Tooth & Gum Dental Care Wipes for Dogs and Cats

Earthbath Totally Natural Pet Care Tooth & Gum Dental Care Wipes for Dogs and Cats

Earthbath Tooth & Gum Wipes offers a hassle-free teeth cleaning option to keep your pet’s mouth clean from plaque, tartar, and odor-causing bacteria. Simply wipe teeth with wipe daily for best results. Safe and effective for cats and dogs of all ages! Made with natural ingredients and no parabens, alcohol or other yucky ingredients. Contains no soap, gluten, DEA, synthetic dyes or perfumes, phthalates and is animal cruelty free!Earthbath Tooth & Gum WipesSafe for both dogs and cats!Alcohol and paraben freeEasy and convenient dental careKeep your pet’s mouth clean and healthy with Earthbath Tooth & Gum Wipes.Available in 25 count.

So from all the products we talked about the most, we recommend dog treats and dental wipes that are made to clean your dog’s teeth. Don’t forget to buy everything you need from this shop. Everything they sell is 100% natural, and if you buy more than 1 product, you get fast and free shipping not only that, but the products are high quality and highly discounted.

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